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Karlsruhe is one of the younger cities in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. On June 17, 1715, Margrave Karl Wilhelm von Baden-Durlach laid the foundation stone for his new residence. The floor plan of the new palace complex shows a circle in a "sun fan" of 32 rays. Did you know, for example, that the fan layout of Karlsruhe served as a model for the founding of Washington D.C.?

Karlsruhe is very easily accessible from a traffic point of view. From Frankfurt am Main, the international hub, the journey by train, bus or car takes a little over an hour, but also from Paris you can get to Karlsruhe in around 2.5 hours with the TGV. With the globally unique "TramTrainSystem" of the Karlsruhe Transport Association (KVV), you can get from Karlsruhe directly to the Black Forest, Baden-Baden and even Heidelberg.

Baden Baden

“Belle Époque meets Instagram,” writes the New York Times about Baden-Baden. Because in Baden-Baden today a great past meets a new way of life. The city is rejuvenating and attracting more and more international guests. What makes the smallest cosmopolitan city so attractive?

First of all, it always was. Baden-Baden was founded over 2000 years ago to do people good. Here they should be able to come to themselves. Water, light, air and earth are the city's treasures. Here are the springs, the baths, nature, here you live in hotels that are second to none - and meet in the casino for a game. Over the centuries a magical place has emerged that offers relaxation and stimulation in a variety of ways. Yesterday is great. And sometimes such an imposing past overwhelms the present of a place.

At the end, you reverently walk through an open-air museum and admire preserved exhibits instead of living. That could have happened to Baden-Baden too. But it is not. Because Baden-Baden is alive.


Heidelberg is one of the major tourist magnets in Germany. As the epitome of German romanticism, the former royal seat is at the top of the wish list of many city travelers. Last but not least, the world-famous Heidelberg Castle attracts countless visitors every year.

The romantic old town and the picturesque location of Heidelberg on the Neckar, surrounded by mountains and forests, fascinated its visitors at all times. “The city in its location with all of its surroundings has, one may say, something ideal”, wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in his diary more than 200 years ago. And the romantic poets Joseph von Eichendorff, Clemens Brentano and Achim von Arnim also succumbed to the magic of the city, as did the writer Mark Twain, the composer Robert Schumann or the painter William Turner.


How do you have to imagine Speyer? Just imagine the cathedral city as a good old friend. Ok, admittedly, a really old friend. But at the same time a friend who has remained young at heart, who is always active and curious. Full of joie de vivre and good energy. Warm-hearted, open, accommodating. Full of lightness and depth at the same time. A friend who has experienced a lot and therefore has a lot to tell. And whose stories you can never get enough of.

Someone who always meets his fellow human beings at eye level and in whose presence you immediately feel comfortable. A friend who sometimes lets five be straight - spontaneously, because it fits and is fun. Someone to whom you wave from your heart when you say goodbye - while looking in the rearview mirror you look forward to the next meeting.

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