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18 hole golf course

The 18-hole >> Classic Course << offers a wide range of golf topics and a modern design. Particularly noteworthy are the fairways 3 (“Die Insel”), 4 (“Milan's Horst”), 10 (“Fan City Karlsruhe”) or 16 (“Sun, Moon and Stars”). Shortly before the end of the round, the longest golf course in Europe, hole 17 ("Long way") with a length of 740 meters (par 6), awaits its conquerors. An additional 9-hole >> Modern Course << and a public 6-hole short course complete the Karlsruhe golf offer for golf enthusiasts and golf explorers in the immediate vicinity.

Casino Baden Baden

Founded by a clever French entrepreneur, immortalized by a brilliant Russian poet, loved by Marlene Dietrich: Casino Baden-Baden can look back on a glamorous past and is Germany's most traditional and best-known casino. For almost 200 years it has represented a particularly luxurious claim and adventure character of a casino.

With its French roots and the premises in the classical Kurhaus in Baden-Baden, which was furnished for the casino in the 19th century with richly decorated halls based on the model of French royal castles, it is part of a tradition that is unique in Germany.

Only here is the typical, international casino flair to be found. In Baden-Baden, it has always been not just about gambling: top gastronomy, dancing, enjoying the opulent atmosphere, outstanding cultural events, horse racing, seeing and being seen, all of these have always been equal elements of a very special casino experience.

Technology museum Speyer

The history of the Technik Museum Sinsheim began in the late 1980s. At a meeting of enthusiastic technology enthusiasts, the idea was born to make the pieces of jewelery, often restored over many years, accessible to a wide audience.

A museum association was quickly established and only a few months later, on May 6, 1981, the gates to the Technik Museum Sinsheim opened for the first time. The museum proved to be a great success right from the start and the steadily growing number of visitors made it possible to expand the exhibition area from initially 5,000 m2 to over 30,000 m2 in the following years.

In addition to many old-timers from all epochs of automotive history, the Technik Museum Sinsheim today presents, among other things the largest private collection of historic Maybach, supercharged Mercedes and Bugatti automobiles in Germany, several hundred motorcycles, aircraft, record vehicles, racing and sports cars, locomotives, military and commercial vehicles, large engines and much more.

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